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Oh Christmas Tree

I love Christmas more than any other holiday because of the bright colors, the lights, the decorations, and the joy.  However, the Christmas tree is my greatest achievement during the Christmas season and is the most important part of my holiday tradition. When I was very young my parents divorced and my mom didn’t remarry until the summer before middle school, but that first Christmas we all went to the Christmas tree farm together, as a family to pick the perfect tree.

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Run it out

It is a beautiful morning and the desire to run is not in my blood, but after this Thanksgiving I need to workout. Gluttony is the best way to describe my appetite and after eating all the leftovers in my fridge I need to burn off some calories, so running is the best way. I started out … Continue reading Run it out

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Nails gone BAD!

I recently spent the entire day with a friend, Taylor, and did all things girl including a trip to Sephora where I spotted something completely out of the box, spray can nail polish. As soon as I spotted the can I wanted to try the product immediately, so advertising got me for sure! I took … Continue reading Nails gone BAD!

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More than Eye Candy

This last Friday I went to a party to celebrate the opening of Eye Candy and it was so much fun. When you walk into the store the aesthetic of the open space catch your attention immediately.

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AHHHH Show me the gemstones!

I told you I would continue to show you all the incredible one of a kind designs for our upcoming party! Each one of these is original, but one specific design I am absolutely obsessed with and I am kind of hoping no one purchases it, so I can keep it myself. Yes, that may be selfish, but look how cute it is!

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