Wine Women and Shoes

After my short stop in LA I continued on the tiniest plane to the tiniest airport in San Louis Obispo where I took an Uber to Atascadero, CA. While visiting this beautiful place I worked an event called Wine, Women, and Shoes and at this event I sold II Embers jewelry and purses. This event series has generated more than $40, 000,000 to nonprofits across the country and we happen to be a national sponsor which means we give 20% of our sales to the specific nonprofit that is featured at each show we attend. This specific event helped raise money for the RISE organization, which helps support those with obstacles or disabilities overcome their barriers and achieve the most possible. Our company did very well in sales and we were able to give back to RISE. I only wish that we are able to more events like this one, so we can help out more. Not only was I alone on this business trip, I was able to relax and enjoy this beautiful place. Unlike LA, this place has mountains, vineyards, rolling hills and views for days. I would never get tired of exploring this incredible area if I lived here. During this trip I spent so much time alone and I never knew how exciting that could be, but I know understand completely. I ate a meal by myself paired with a local wine, read a book all evening, worked out, and enjoyed every moment.

Do you enjoy spending time alone?


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