Top 15 Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking are a HUGE deal in my family! As a result, shopping for stuffers takes lots of time and can get pretty pricey. Occasionally we do have the cheap stuff thrown into the stocking like gum and candy, but the real goodies are those perfect things that you love like Hanky Panky underwear and Zum soaps and lotions. Ever since I can remember Christmas morning was filled with joy and excitement because everyone in the family woke up early and headed to the living room. The fire would be crackling and all the adults would have coffee in hand and as a child I would have my warm hot chocolate sitting by my side. My siblings and I would all be as close to the fire as possible because we wanted to be as close to those stockings as possible. Once all the adults meandered into the room we, my sister and brothers, started to hand out all the stockings and finally we sat down and started to open them. Obviously the content of our stockings have changed over the years, yet every year I have continued to look forward to opening my stocking even more than the presents under the tree. Since stocking are such an important Christmas tradition in my family I wanted to help you find those perfect stuffers. Good Luck!













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