They are Real! Real Gemstones!

We are given hundreds of thousands of jewelry choices to choose from, but do you know what you are choosing when you make a jewelry purchase? All of our beaded jewelry contains semi-precious stones! Most of the time when you make a purchase you are paying for the name not the actual quality which if you only care about the name that should make you happy, but for me I like to buy things that will last. I am not saying we sell diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, but we do supply tourmaline, howlite, sunstone, agate and the list goes on. Now, I just created a new collection, but I have no idea what to name it or what to name each individual bracelet, yet I want to explain what each of these gemstones are and what they can do for you. Each of these 6 beaded bracelets are gemstones which means that they are pieces of mineral crystal that have formed naturally and will withstand natural elements. Each of these bracelets are a unique gemstones based on color, translucency, and hardness. However, the best part about gemstones are the healing properties and all of these produce a positive that could be used to help you!nc

  • The Sodalite bracelet which is the blue beaded bracelet is known for the rich royal blue color with streaks of white. This gemstone is known as the truth stone and can aid in communication.
  • The Hematite bracelet which is black/steel in color is a mineral form of iron oxide and is harder than pure iron. This gemstone is known to stabilize and ground the wearer as well as a spiritual protector.
  • The orange cream-colored bracelet consists of striped agate beads that are a crystal variety of quartz that are most commonly associated with volcanic rocks. These gemstones are said to produce protective and secure qualities which could be extremely helpful to expectant mothers.
  • The deep fuchsia colored bracelet is a tiger eye gemstone which has a silky luster that is closely related to the quartz family. This gemstone is one of the most ancient used gemstones and is known as “all-seeing all-knowing eye” that allows the wearer to see all even behind closed doors. The Egyptians believed this provided protection from the sun and earth combined and was worn by soldiers to protect in battle.
  •  Lastly the two white beaded bracelets contain howlite beads that are a borate mineral found in evaporate deposits and are extremely porous. This gemstone is known to produce healing properties to relieve stress, mental stability, and strengthen bones and teeth. Also, this is great for people who suffer from insomnia because it calms the overactive mind.


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