The Morning After

This weekend we went to the French’s house to enjoy the completion of their new deck and to spend some time together. We started out the evening with some amazing queso, salsa, and of course wine. I do not know about you, but I think wine is the perfect way to stay warm when you’re sitting outside in chilly weather and it was definitely cold once the sun went down. We spent the evening watching football, talking, and eventually eating dinner. We ate fajitas which were spot on and after dinner we went back outside to sit around the fire. Kyle and Jack quickly grew bored after the football games came to a close, so they were soon looking for new entertainment and settled upon chess. I do not exactly know how to play chess and really want to learn but until then I’ll just watch. We had a great night and with that I lost track of the amount of wine I was consuming and needed to go home and get some rest. Unfortunately I woke up with a hangover and was on the struggle bus all Sunday. Since I woke up on such a low note I decided to do some research on how to cure hangovers!


  • Water! Drink as much as you possibly can and don’t stop. I know sometimes its difficult to get down after a rough night, so add some lemon or lime
  • Ibuprofen if your head is killing you and your eyes are sensitive to light. I use this as a last resort because I do not like to take medication, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.
  • Essential Oils if you are into these they are great. I never push them on anyone but when you have a headache peppermint oil is a great cure, but if not peppermint tea is perfect for headaches and calms your stomach.
  • Rest! Unfortunately when you drink you do not get a restful sleep so if you have a day to sleep, do that. Rest your achy body and queasy stomach.
  • Food is always great to indulge in, but eating a huge greasy meal isn’t actually a cure for a hangover. Eat something bland to start the day.
  • Hair of the dog? No it doesn’t work and never will. All this does is temporarily keep your symptoms at bay, but after that drink wears off your whole body will be in even more pain!
  • La Croix is one of my biggest weaknesses and when you stomach is on edge a carbonated beverage can really help. Drink one of these to get you off the struggle bus.
  • Other things to avoid include saunas and caffeine of any kind! Remember you will only feel this bad for a little while if you take care of yourself.

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