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A Cowboy Win

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The Dallas Cowboys! America’s Team! Cowboys! The Boys! A Family Tradition! These are all names that have been circulating in my head since birth. My dad has always been a diehard fan of this team and I have grown up with his screaming and cheering focused on the television when his team is playing a game. Every game matters in the eyes of my father and now I am of the same mindset. Without my knowing I have ended up dating the biggest Cowboys fan known to man, Jack and with good reason! Jack’s father JB has always been a fan and has taught Jack the ways of loving the game of football, but more the love of America’s team. Watching the Cowboys game has now become a tradition and consists of my mom (Christie), Jack, Jack’s dad (JB),my brothers (Trey and Grant), the Hills, and me. Let’s take a pause in the glorious explanation of out Sunday traditions and let me explain my love life/family life really quick. So Christie, my mom, is dating Jack’s dad, JB, and yes some of you make think that is freaking weird and yes Jack and I thought the same way at first, but now we are happy with everything and it has solidified out family bond haha.

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