The Gem Report

Am I next?

I am at that age now where weddings/engagement celebrations are a constant in my life and with that I am always buying dresses, picking out II Embers bracelets, and dancing the night away with my main squeeze. Many of the weddings I have attended happened to be at The Mayo in downtown Tulsa which is an amazing venue that I highly recommend. Lucy, my boyfriend’s mother finally married her now husband after 14 years of dating and it was one of the most joyous celebrations I have even attended in my short life.

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Feeling the glee

I started II Embers with the idea that I would focus on bracelets, but when my best friend, Katie, asked me to design earrings for her wedding I thought “Why not?!” I sat down at my workstation and starting brainstorming and I came up with three ideas that worked perfectly.

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