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Dallas Cowboys – Our Team!

Cowboys!!!! Jack and I were lucky enough to attend the Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday thanks to our great friends, the Hills, it was incredible and I have to say watching football in the stadium is my new favorite thing. Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday morning with horrible congestion and quickly realized a cold was in the … Continue reading Dallas Cowboys – Our Team!

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Land that I Love

The JF Welder Ranch established in 1878 is something out of a story book and we, Jack and I were lucky enough to spend the last couple of days in this special place. I have been making the long 9.5 hour drive to this ranch for numerous years and each time I learn more about the history, land, and feel a greater sense of appreciation after I leave. I could spend hours telling you the history, but unless you have been there and seen the beauty of the land you will not understand. However, I do want to share with you some hilarious happenings including the monkeys!

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