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DIY Bath Bombs

Relaxing in a nice hot bath with a bath bomb fizzing and releasing refreshing smelling herbs and oils is a great way to calm down and have a night to yourself. Bath bombs are super pricey considering what the ingredients are and how easy these actually are to make! Also, you do not know what sort of chemicals/preservatives are being put in these things to make them stay fresh for so long because homemade bath bombs only stay fresh for about a month, so what is your body absorbing?

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Nails gone BAD!

I recently spent the entire day with a friend, Taylor, and did all things girl including a trip to Sephora where I spotted something completely out of the box, spray can nail polish. As soon as I spotted the can I wanted to try the product immediately, so advertising got me for sure! I took … Continue reading Nails gone BAD!

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Before and After Microderm

Microdermabrasion, everyone has heard of it, but actually understanding it is a completely different story. Basically microdermabrasion is used to help improve dull skin, age spots, and brown spots by using tiny exfoliating crystals. This process can be used on any color skin unlike dermabrasion which is only used for fair skin because it can cause scarring and discoloration.

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