Styling Toddlers

Calling all those who have not finished Christmas shopping, II Embers is now creating custom jewelry for toddlers and little girls. We have been doing this for a little while now, but just for those close to us. We have even made bracelets for flower girls in weddings. I am super excited that we are able to do this because I have so many friends who have little girls that adore bracelets. I mean what little girl doesn’t love to wear something pretty? If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our stuff, you should! These custom bracelets are the perfect gift for your little girl. The best part is that you can pick any style and we will make it for half the price of the original bracelet cost and just add a few less beads, so that it will fit your little girls wrist perfectly. Also, are these pictures not the cutest things you have ever seen? All these little girls melt my heart, and are so precious. This is perfect for any child who loves to dress up or to look fancy like her mom, so check out our website and grab a bracelet for yourself and get a custom one made for your little girl, you can match and she will be so excited!


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