Run it out

It is a beautiful morning and the desire to run is not in my blood, but after this Thanksgiving I need to workout. Gluttony is the best way to describe my appetite and after eating all the leftovers in my fridge I need to burn off some calories, so running is the best way. I started out with a quick warm up in my living room including 20 seconds of jumping jacks, 20 second of high knees, 20 seconds of butt kickers, and then I repeated all of the exercises again. I did a quick stretch and was out the door. Since I haven’t been running in a long time I decided to use one of my favorite workout apps! This app is called ‘Seconds’ and is perfect for creating a custom workout that times everything out and can be used for circuit, tabata, HIIT, and so much more. I use the circuit timer to run and during this I set two different exercises including run and walk. I do each of these for 2 minutes for 5 sets and then once I get back to my house I do an abs workout and then try to catch my breath while stretching. I know working out is not always fun, but I have found that taking Germ with me on runs and changing up my workouts is the best to stay with it. I highly recommend FitnessBlender on YouTube if you do not have a desire to run. However, the most important key to my workout is my pre-workout drink and I think I have found the best one. Pure Pump can be found on Amazon and I believe it is one of the biggest motivators because it forces me to get moving and run longer. The greatest part of this drink is that it is clean. Clear of all salt, sugar, fillers, gluten, aspartame, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and so much more. Finding a pre-workout without these things is highly unlikely, but the downfall of this stuff is that is tastes like chalk. This product claims to be tasteless, but that is not true! I hide the taste with a little bit of juice topping off the cup and shake it up until the powder is fully integrated into the water-juice combo. Then, I drink it all down and wait for the effects to kick in so that my workout can begin. All pre-workouts tend to have similar effects which include more energy, tingling throughout the body, and increased stamina. I do not use this for every workout, but it is great way to kick-start a workout program or help out on a lazy day. Now I am off to start the day. Feel free to try this amazing clean pre-workout.







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