Prepping with New Designs

Working, working, working is all I have been doing to prep for a Sip and Shop we are having this Sunday. I have been making one of a kind bracelets and earrings for this gathering and I can’t wait to see what you think! We will only have a specific number of each design and I am thinking they are all going to sell out by the end of our party. Also, our new purses arrived and they are fabulous. All of the new purses are genuine vegan leather and hand stitched, but the best part of all is that they are all less than $100!!! Yes! You read that right! In addition, all of our previous in-stock purses will be on sale on Sunday! I’m sorry I am using so many exclamation marks, but I am thrilled to see what you think. I have posted photos of some of the new designs we will have Sunday!

ss8This specific design is to support Thunder!!! Wear this at any time to show you are a fan of the best basketball team in the nation, Thunder! This bracelet is made with abacus cut orange dyed jade beads and dyed royal blue jade beads. Since I live in Oklahoma I knew we had to create something perfect to show our support for our basketball team. Get yours before they sell out!

ss7You might have seen a design very similar to this on our website and it is still available at II Embers and is called Energy, but I decided to change the style up a little and add a gray tassel. Tassels are all the rage these days, so I wanted to add some extra flair to this simple design. This bracelet is made with amazonite beads which have been linked to healing properties that allow the mind to calm and give energy to focus on specific tasks.

ss6I love this specific design because it has abacus cut black agate beads that are surrounded by hematite. One of the first designs I ever made had these agate beads and when we sold out of the bracelet I knew these beads needed to be the focus of another bracelet, so I went on the hunt and finally found them. This design is extremely glossy and even though black is the main color, this design screams for attention. I only have 2 available! What do you think?

ss5Christmas is fast approaching and if you want a bracelet that can be worn to celebrate this holiday season, this is the one to purchase. In addition, this can be worn to show support for OU. I went to OSU for college, but I know I have to show support for the Sooners. This simple design contains red acrylic pearl beads surrounded by white crackle agate beads with subtle hints of gold.

ss4This bracelet was a previous design that needed a makeover. At first glance the beads seem simple, but a closer look shows the complexity. These agate beads are hunter green, sand, and dark brown in color swirled together to create something truly special and will leave you staring. I love this bracelet, but unfortunately I only have 2 of these and I can’t find more of these beads!

I have more unique designs to show you, but I will leave that for my next blog post. Hopefully you love these new bracelets! Do you? I also wanted to give you more details about our new purses because they are truly special! These purses are all by Melie Bianco which is a designer that focuses on animal friendly practices! This brand is all about craftsmanship, luxury, and yet affordable. These bags last and do so without hurting any animal. I hope you love them as much as I do and if you are interested check them out at II Embers. Support a cruelty free, animal friendly brand and us! Leave me a comment if you love our new bracelets, purses, and/or your thoughts on protecting animals.

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