Photo Shoot Fun

So this weekend we, my mom and I, did a photo shoot featuring our new collections, but the focus was mostly Color Pop. We wanted someone that could easily be photographed and wasn’t afraid of the camera, so Lauren was the perfect candidate. Lauren is extremely photogenic and is perfect for capturing everything Color Pop entails. She has huge eyes that make you want to stare at her, lips that pop with color, and the perfect smile! Enough bragging about her features. She has her own blog that discusses all things food, medicine, and traveling. You have got to check it out! The photos turned out amazing thanks to Lauren and I can’t wait for the next photo shoot! If you like any of these products and wish to make a purchase check out II Embers just know that the Color
Pop collection won’t be available until Tuesday morning. Trust me it is worth the wait!

What do you think of the pictures? Doesn’t she fit perfectly with this collection? Color that pops with lips that pop with color!

Click to view slideshow.


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