New Styles in Tiny Sizes

Color, pattern, and size are what these beaded jade bracelets are all about and they are similar to the graffiti collection. When I first created the graffiti collection I was absolutely obsessed with everything about the bracelets, but these are even cuter because they are so tiny! Since these are so tiny they are perfect for layering and I mean honestly who only wears one bracelet at a time? I usually wear at least 2-3! Not everyone enjoys wearing larger beads, so these new styles are perfect for those who just want a touch of flare. Abacus is becoming the new shape of beads instead of round beads that are the norm, and this is very eccentric. Also, the pattern of these is extremely faint which allows these to be paired with so many outfits and other jewelry. Lastly, the color of every single one of these beads is gorgeous and blends similar shades together for the perfect look. However, I do not know if these cuties should be paired with tassels? Is it too much? Should I place these styles with the graffiti collection or should these be a completely different collection altogether?  I have so many thoughts, but your help would be much appreciated!


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