Nails gone BAD!

I recently spent the entire day with a friend, Taylor, and did all things girl including a trip to Sephora where I spotted something completely out of the box, spray can nail polish. As soon as I spotted the can I wanted to try the product immediately, so advertising got me for sure! I took the product home and decided to try it this week. I can’t even describe to you how horrible the nail polish looked after completion. I wanted to show you step by step and who knows maybe you have tried it yourself and have had a completely different experience. Step 1 is to wash yours hands of all oils and make sure you grab a towel you do not mind ruining because things can get messy.



Step 2 is to apply a base coat and allow it to dry completely. This shouldn’t take long, but make sure you wait at least 5 minutes.


Step 3 is spraying this can directly onto your nail to release this bright pink stuff this company calls nail polish. Then you sit and wait for this stuff to dry into hard, cracking globs. As I sat and waited I found that the polish started to split in areas and became tight around my nail beds, but I thought after I washed my nails they might look better.


After this odd concoction dried on my nails I proceeded to step 4 which required me to apply a top coat. I slowly applied a top coat to all my nails and waited again for my nails to be dry. After about 10-15 minutes I moved on to the next step.


I finally was able to wash my hands and I have to say this weird paint stuck to everything. The bottle said the nail polish would easily rinse off while washing with soap and water. All around my nail beds was thick goop and I had to wash my hands three times. Finally the results you have been waiting for!


From far away my nails look okay, but I took a close-up photo and you can see how bad my nails actually look. The spray was not consistent and left parts of my nail looking like it had one coat of polish and other as if I had poured the entire bottle on one nail. After about 10 more minutes of analyzing my nails I had to take of the polish and that was even worse! I probably used half of a nail polish remover bottle trying to get the nail polish off my nails and they still had a pink tint around all my nail beds. This was not worth my time or money and I strongly suggest not purchasing this product. If someone else has tried this spray nail paint let me know, I would love to hear your experience.


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