Morning walks with Germ and Harry

This morning my alarm went off “early” to walk my rescue pup and after being on vacation for an entire week my body was screaming NO! I hit the snooze button and continued to rest my sleepy eyes for about 30 MINUTES….way too long. After waking up in a panic thinking “Oh wow I have got to get my act together” I quickly dressed and was out the door. During my walks I love to listen to podcasts that can entertain my mind for days, such as PotterCast: The Harry Potter Podcast and this morning I finally was able to hear about the 8th book, The Cursed Child. While being fully engrossed in my imaginary Harry
Potter world I was at Germs favorite park without even realizing it. I sat down and watched him run aimlessly throughout the field and found myself dreaming of being a wizard and magically casting a spell to complete all my work. What I took from the simple walk is to let myself relax in the morning with the cutest dog around and then maybe I will be able to accomplish it all!

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