More than Eye Candy

This last Friday I went to a party to celebrate the opening of Eye Candy and it was so much fun. When you walk into the store the aesthetic of the open space catch your attention immediately. For instance, the solid blue velvet chairs that sit with a solidary desk on one side of the room makes the space look open without being unfurnished. Also, all the glasses sit on dark wood shelves that line all the walls which allows you to see all the styles without spinning around in a circle like most optometrist offices. The available styles are all different and with that I think you could find just about anything to wear. I know I fell in love with one particular pair and they were very odd in shape, but for some reason they worked perfectly with my face shape. One of the greatest parts is that Eye Candy not only sells sunglasses and eyeglasses, they also offer eye exams right in the store. This place is absolutely adorable and I certainly wanted to take home every pair of glasses including the Elton John looking ones, and I am sure you will love the styles as well. Next time you need an eye exam check in at Eye Candy and see what they have to offer. I highly recommend it! Also, I wanted to let everyone know I will be having a II Embers giveaway this week, so keep an eye out!


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