K + L Forever!

Surprise! We all screamed “You’re Engaged!” at the adorable couple as they walked through the door and their faces lit up with excitement and joy. We all were celebrating the engagement of two great friends that fit perfectly together. The decorations fit the fall weather and the upcoming Halloween season to a T with the pumpkins cut out with their future last name, pumpkins painted with their monogram, and lots of food and drinks for all to enjoy. To make the night even better, we were able to celebrate the announcement of their move to Kansas City, and the best part of that is they get to be close to friends and her family. Entertainment was key and we had plenty to go around, including yard games, a slideshow, excellent food, drinks, and an advice jar. This jar was for people to write advice down on cards for the couple to be and most of the people I know would fill the jar with things like “laugh together” or “go on dates” yet it is also important to remember to keep things light and remind them of a joke between them because in the end they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. Also, their was plenty of desserts including sheet cake, pumpkin cheesecake bars, and sopapillas that I could not stop eating!  In addition, the decorations included a Mr. and Mrs. banner that hung over the door and their hashtag #JamaicanMeSmalley could be seen everywhere. Overall, the night was perfect and I would do it all over again to celebrate these two cuties! Now I just have wait for the wedding in Jamaica, beach here I come!




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