Is It worth it?

This week I received a package in the mail and I was super excited because I have never purchased anything from JustFab. JustFab allows you to pick styles you like and based on your picks they create selections for you, but they treat your sign-up as a membership. This membership allows the consumer to receive special offers at the first of every month, the downside is that you must skip the month or make a selection by the 4th or they charge your card for a credit. However, I have managed to skip/purchase each month so far. In addition to having a membership to JustFab, I also have a membership to Fabletics which has become one of my favorite workout brands. With each of these companies I have had selections shown to me that demonstrate my style perfectly and at a low cost! For instance, my first purchase from JustFab only cost me $49.94 for 1 pair of thick, durable leggings and 2 pairs of boots. I don’t know about you, but this screams deal!!! Now, I am not trying to get you to sign up for these membership bargains by any means, I just want to know what you think and if you know of any other companies such as these. Do you know about FabFitFun or FabKids? I would love to hear feedback! On another note, online shopping is the only way I shop considering I have horrible social anxiety, so large crowds are terrifying. The holidays are fast approaching and with that large amounts of people flock to stores which makes me not want to enter any store. I personally think that having clothes directly shipped to your home is much more convenient and worth the wait for shipping. What do you think? Do you shop online or fight the crowd?



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