Huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day

ranch5ranch4ranch2ranch1ranch Over Labor Day weekend I went to Rivers West Ranch which Jack's family owns, and this place is incredible! I have been going to this ranch since I was in high school, yet so many things have changed. This place has now become a wedding venue, retreat, and a hunters dream, and when I go, I like to let my inner country girl run wild. Labor day weekend is the opening for dove season, so that was the key part of our trip. In order to dove hunt an early morning wake up call is a must and since I was getting up at the crack of dawn a nap was nessecary and RWR happens to have a deck that has a breathtaking view with a hammock and plenty of hummingbird feeders. As I sat on the deck watching tiny hummingbirds buzz around I fell fast asleep and woke up just in time for an evening hunt. Then we set off for the sunflower fields to let the shotgun shells fly and hopefully the dove drop from the sky. I didn't have the most successful hunt given the terrifyingly large mosquitos trying to eat every inch of my body, but we did manage to shoot enough dove to eat for the first Dallas Cowboys game this coming weekend. When we weren't hunting, we were fishing and with that we sit along the river bank or around the ponds to try to catch the biggest catfish. Every time we go fishing, Jack claims he will catch "the big one" meaning the biggest catfish known to mankind, but that never happens. Poor thing, he tries so hard, while I sit under my umbrella chair with the most basic set up; a worm and bobber. Jack even did intense research to prepare to catch "the big one" and he found that bacon was the best bait! Man oh man was bacon great, but not for catching fish! We caught an insane amount of turtles which was not the goal, but Germ was having the time of his life! But in all honesty, Jack is a great fisherman, but can't seem to catch "the big one" and I will be honest with you, I have not always been a fan of hunting and still do not always participate, but thanks to Jack, I have come a long way.  

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