How to Road Trip

Every time I go on a road trip I like to be fully prepared in all ways including food and entertainment, but for adults and finding ways to entertain myself is difficult considering I start to loose my mind around hour 3. When traveling most people think electronics and I do not fall in that category, so here are some tips and tricks to keep you from going stir crazy in the car.

  • Books: stimulating and long, but if you start to feel queasy put the book down immediately and move on to the next form of distraction.
  • Podcasts: pre download and get something that has multiple parts like a murder/mystery.
  • Audiobooks: find one that works for everyone in the car and make sure to pre download because they can take hours. We have listened to Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and so on.
  • 21 ?s: I know what you are thinking, this is for children, but NO this can be entertaining for adults as well especially if that person knows you well. Have fun with it and do not start with a dog…BORING!
  • The Movie Game: take turns naming actors/actresses and connect them to others by the movies they have acted together in. For example: me: Natalie Portman (Black Swan) next person: Ashton Kutcher (No Strings Attached) and so on and so forth!
  • Categories: Name one topic and start naming subcategories for that topic. For instance: types of coffee drinks – latte, café con leche, espresso, mocha.
  • Alphabet Game: complete the alphabet by finding random words as you drive. The person who finished the alphabet first wins, and I always will because Jack will not let me drive. For example: A for area, B for bound.
  • Speak in Song: only speak in song lyrics, but you can’t sing!
  • Mad libs: find them online and print them out before you leave, but make sure they are not the child level.
  • Snack Bag: this is the most important part of a road trip! Go to the grocery store before you leave and pick out all things yummy and do not eat them until you leave, you will be craving those snacks like crazy! You need to remember that road trip calories do not count, so get all the bad stuff.



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