DIY Bath Bombs

Relaxing in a nice hot bath with a bath bomb fizzing and releasing refreshing smelling herbs and oils is a great way to calm down and have a night to yourself. Bath bombs are super pricey considering what the ingredients are and how easy these actually are to make! Also, you do not know what sort of chemicals/preservatives are being put in these things to make them stay fresh for so long because homemade bath bombs only stay fresh for about a month, so what is your body absorbing? This is a concern of mine when it comes to every beauty product and that is why I try to stay away from all chemicals which is extremely difficult. For instance, I do not use any lotion because of the parabens that are put into these beauty products, so coconut oil is what I use but today I want to tell you and show you how to make natural bath bombs.

Note it is extremely difficult to make all of them perfect and out of the 4 only 2 of mine were good. These things are extremely fragile ugh!!! So to get started you need the following ingredients:

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup corn starch

4 tbsp. cream of tarter

1/4 cup Epsom salt

1 tsp. essential oils (lavender) – depending on the brand you will have to use more/less

3 tsp. water

3 tsp. melted coconut oil  

Fresh herbs (rosemary)


After gathering all your ingredients place all your dry ingredients into a GLASS bowl and stir until well combined. If you have any chunks use a pestle to grind them down into a fine substance.


In a different GLASS bowl add all your wet ingredients together and whisk until well combined.


Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir it up. I switched to using my hands instead of a spoon to really make sure the wet and dry were well combined.


Finally fill your muffin tin/ bath bomb mold halfway and then add in those fresh herbs (rosemary). Then, add more on top of the herbs and pack it all down as much as possible. If you do not want fresh herbs then just fill your tin to the top and pack it down. I thought this would be enough to make 6 bath bombs, but I had to change things up because I didn’t have enough, so I slimmed the amount down to 4.


Then sit back and enjoy a glass of wine for about 20 minutes while you wait for the molds to harden and then place plastic wrap down on a towel and flip the muffin tin over and gently pat the bottom of the tin to loosen the molds. Remove the muffin tin and place more plastic wrap on top of the finished product and leave for 24 hours.


I hope you enjoy your bath bombs! This weekend I will try these and let you know the full details of everything. Try these and let me know what you think.

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