DE-STRESS, you just have to!

Let me start out by saying I am not a Yogi and by no means a master of yoga, I like to use yoga as a way to de-stress my mind and body. Don’t get me wrong I would love to be a yogi, but for now I’ll just dabble. Sometimes stress gets the best of me and I find myself becoming somewhat hostile to those around me, i.e. Jack and I am sorry for that, so yoga or any form of working out for that matter gets me back on track. I know everyone thinks they do not have time to workout, but seriously even 20 minutes can help you manage some of the stress that comes with everyday life. I have not always found fitness to be an important part of my life, but ever since my uncle had a heart attack a couple of years ago I realized how important physical activity needed to be in my life. The entire side of my dad’s family has had heart related deaths, thank heavens my uncle survived, but not everyone has been so lucky. I know you are probably thinking “wow this family must be super unhealthy” and no that is not the case. My great-grandmother recently passed away from heart problems and she was one of the healthiest, tiniest little ladies you ever met and continued to be active until her heart caught up with her. I hope that I continue to be active even in old age and I can tell you that yoga is a great way for me to do that while laughing hysterically at myself. When I was doing yoga this week I tried some moves I have never attempted before, such as toe stand and firefly pose and I wish so badly I had gotten those failures on video. I know I can improve and will continue to find humor in failing terribly, but I know I will always dominate in corpse pose!



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