Dallas Cowboys – Our Team!

Cowboys!!!! Jack and I were lucky enough to attend the Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday thanks to our great friends, the Hills, it was incredible and I have to say watching football in the stadium is my new favorite thing. Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday morning with horrible congestion and quickly realized a cold was in the works. I started chugging down all liquids including a loose leaf tea that I swear by called Flu Fighter and after 3 cups I started feeling better. Seriously though, how could I not start to feel better knowing I was going to be watching the game in the stadium. After we landed in Dallas we made our way to the stadium with champagne in hand. As we approached the stadium we people-watched as we found our parking spot and saw all walks of life including one woman wearing the tallest sparkly blue platform heels, fans wearing the craziest costumes and every known Dallas jersey in history. After parking we walked through security and up the escalator to the suite were food, drinks, and excitement were waiting for us. To make the night even more special the roof and the sides of the stadium were open, and this doesn’t happen very often considering it costs around $100,000. After warm-ups the Star Spangled Banner began with the troops holding the flag and to tell you the truth I am not an emotional person but with every single person including the players standing at attention and singing along with their hand over their heart something came over me and after the song ended I was covered in goosebumps. It was inspiring and after having that experience I do not understand how you could choose not to stand up and support our country, but that is for another day. Kickoff began and the Eagles kicked a field goal, but the Cowboys took the lead, yet they couldn’t hold it, so we ended up in over time with a Cowboys win. The game was intense and I wish I could watch every game in the AT&T stadium! After the game ended we made our way to the airport and flew private back to Oklahoma. I have to say I have never been so spoiled in my life and it was perfect. We walked up the glamorous steps and entered the luxury jet. The seats were all leather with gold highlights throughout. Also, we were served wine out of crystal glasses, any snack we desired and of course blankets if we were chilly. This experience was incredible and I highly recommend flying private…but I do not think it will be a normal option by any means. Overall, this was one of the greatest nights and best experiences of my life and I would do it all over again. Are you a fan of the Cowboys? Have you had the opportunity to see your team play?




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