Color Pop

This collection is all about color! I know that fall has officially begun, but that does not mean that color needs to be left out of your wardrobe. When it comes to me, my closet is filled with shades in between white and black. I do not usually wear bright colors in the fall or winter, but with this new collection I have the ability to add color with a tiny bracelet. This collection doesn’t just emphasis color, it also consists of small beads that are all the same color so you can wear as many as you wish. This fall/winter dark blue, gray, pink and pale yellow paired together and even deep reds are all going to be major colors and this is the perfect collection to stay with the style. Since I started creating this collection I have has one thing in mind; what to name it? I finally came up with something that truly speaks to what this collection is about and Color Pop is the answer! I thought about Color Rush or Colortastic, but nothing fit perfectly until Color Pop.

What do you think about this collection? Do you like the name Color Pop?



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