Every single one of the bachelorette parties I have attended have been wild, filled with sleep deprivation and hangovers. However this bachelorette party did not include any of the above, and that made it one of the best! We started out the weekend carrying in plenty of wine and champagne to please a small crowd and stayed at one of our friends lake houses in Eagles Roost which is an adorable little community. We spent Friday catching up and waiting for the bride to finally arrive and when she walked threw the door her glasses and drink were waiting. We stayed up drinking and talking until late in the evening and then settled into our beds for the evening. The next morning we woke up to coffee, breakfast, and great weather on the patio. The champagne bottles started popping and did not stop until bedtime that night. We spent the day exchanging stories, laughing hysterically and soaking up the sunshine. After a long day we started the lingerie shower where we learned the art of “twerking.” The night was wild in a good way and I would do it all over again but the best part was the penis pesto pasta. The bachelorette had the exact party she wanted and now we all are looking forward to her wedding! Cheers!

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