Celebrating Christmas

Since Christmas is fast approaching everyone is becoming increasingly busy with parties, dinners, wrapping of gifts, and everything that this magical holiday entails. However we must relax and enjoy this time together because it only comes once a year, so stop and smell the cedar trees. This Friday, Jack and I celebrated a little friends Christmas with three other couples and enjoyed a nice dinner and then a limo ride through the town to look at Christmas lights. We started out the evening at Wild Fork which is located in the heart of Utica Square and if you haven’t been to this area you need to go. Utica Square is the perfect place to shop and eat during this holiday season because everything is beautifully decorated with bright, white lights and to make things even more special, Santa Claus has a house right next to Wild Fork. After a long dinner we went out on the town to see all the different Christmas lights and I don’t know about you, but personally I love any color of lights as long as a house is decorated. What are your favorite types of lights? All white and simple? All out rainbow colors everywhere? I want to have the light show in my yard that pairs perfectly with Christmas music! Poor Jack is going to have to figure it out! All in all it was a great evening filled with laughter and I can’t wait to continue the tradition for years to come. What do you do to celebrate with your friends?


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