Caffeine Obsessed at Luke’s

On this fall morning I walked to Luke’s diner to enjoy breakfast and cup after cup of steaming, hot coffee….I wish! Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite shows and this morning I was lucky enough to enjoy Luke’s coffee and be a part of the caffeine obsession. Coffee House on Cherry Street partnered with Netflix to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Gilmore Girls premiere and I actually got to feel a part of the show. If you have ever watched this show you notice that coffee is a part of almost every scene and after you watch 10 minutes you crave a cup. The line at the coffee shop was out the door, but the crisp fall air and the anticipation of a nice cup of joe was beyond exciting. I would love to be part of the Stars Hollow community, stay at Lorelai’s Inn, drink coffee at Luke’s every morning/afternoon/evening, but for now this little adventure will have to be enough. I can’t wait for the premiere the day after Thanksgiving! I’ll be Netflix watching all day!

Do you love Gilmore Girls?

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