Behind the Scenes

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Unfortunately I am not a very relaxed person when it comes to being photographed and taking photos without smiling; forget about it! This feeling of intensity and nerves washes over me and you can see the tension throughout my entire face. However, I have discovered my secret weapon, and that is sunglasses! While we waited for Lauren to arrive I practiced my awful posing skills and figured out that every time I wore my glasses my faced relaxed. By the time Lauren arrived I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to put her in front of the camera because I am much more comfortable being behind the scenes. When doing a photo shoot details are key and while Christie took the photos I was able to keep things in check. As a result, the photos turned out great and if you didn’t catch my blog post on Monday, you should, to see for yourself! I believe practice makes perfect, but what do you think? The pictures of myself turned out okay right? Do you have any tips and tricks to taking good pictures? I need advice here!

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