Before and After Microderm

Microdermabrasion, everyone has heard of it, but actually understanding it is a completely different story. Basically microdermabrasion is used to help improve dull skin, age spots, and brown spots by using tiny exfoliating crystals. This process can be used on any color skin unlike dermabrasion which is only used for fair skin because it can cause scarring and discoloration. However, this process does not work for deeper problems like stretch marks and wrinkles, but it only has a short down time of 24 hours. I decided to do a little beauty experiment on myself and try microdermabrasion at home versus going to a spa/esthetician and help you decide if it is worth your time or money!  I went to Sephora and purchased an at home microdermabrasion kit called PowerPeel by  Ole Henriksen. This product was $50 and in a spa you are looking at about $100-$200 and medically administered it is about $200-$300 which comparatively the cost is much lower, but do you get the same results?


The steps are pretty simple and I took pictures throughout the entire process, so that you could see my skin changes. First, I washed my face to remove all makeup and oils throughout the day. Let me add that I do have good skin which is a plus, but during college I did suffer from acne, but I believe it was based on my food, activities, sleeping patterns, and water intake and I make sure I wash my face every morning and evening. In addition, I always use sunscreen, try to wear hats, and always drink lots of water! Ps these photos are unedited except lens changes.


After washing my face, I preceded with the steps according to the product and step 1 was the scrub. This scrub was an almond polish and smelt amazing, yet the exfoliate used was harsh considering I have such sensitive skin. I has to wash my face for 1-2 minutes in an upward, circular motion and after 30 seconds my face was tingling and slightly raw.


After 1 minute I rinsed my face with WARM water with the facial sponges provided and felt extremely relieved to finished with that step. Step 2 was next and this was the flash peel which included lemon. As you know lemon is very strong and the moment I put this peel on my skin started to burn and scream. I could not wait to continue on, but with this step you cannot rinse, so onto step 3.


Step 3 was exactly what my skin was craving after burning for 3 minutes and this included a mask with chamomile. If you are not aware chamomile has calming properties, so soothing skin is the perfect final step to microdermabrasion. Step 3 required me to place this mask over the lemon peel and spread evenly over my face and after I had the mask on my face was feeling much better. I left this on for 12 minutes because I do have sensitive skin. Finally I rinsed my face with the facial sponges provided and patted in dry.


Finally the finished product! My face felt so soft and smooth and I could see a difference in my immediate appearance. I felt like my skin was bright and looked clearer. However after about hour 3 I could see my skin purging and brining oil to the surface, so I was greeted with a few pimples. I think I will do this process again and I do think it made a large difference, but I think that next time I will be able to see an even bigger difference. I loved doing this and felt that it was worth the $50. Also, my skin looked less blotchy, clearer, brighter, and had balanced color without dark spots and who doesn’t like that?!

md finished.jpg

Overall, I loved this microdermabrasion, but I will be trying new products and reviewing them as well. If you have any products that you think I should try let me know? And try this microdermabrasion system because I think it really helped my skin! Here is a close up of my Before and After, so you can see the difference. No photo has been edited!



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