Bachelorette Party Fun

This weekend I am going to my friend’s bachelorette party and I have known this girl since I was in kindergarten. We have had many sleepovers together, shared in plenty of birthday parties, created our own language, and somehow made it to almost 30 still having a friendship. Not many people can say they are still friends with the people they went to kindergarten with, but we have that friendship. I am so excited to spend the weekend celebrating her single life and her new adventure being a Mrs. I was thinking about everything that goes into a bachelorette weekend and the list is endless! Here are some tips to a great time!

  • Location – this is ultimately decided by the bride and should be chosen based on her personality and what she wants to make this weekend all about. Party = Vegas!
  • Lingerie shower – everyone deserves one and this night should be the one night where everyone lets loose including the bride, but remember the brides personality is key. Buy lingerie that the bride will want to wear, not some ridiculous bodysuit that she will laugh at and then throw away. I buy lingerie based on the person and personality. I think Muse Intimates has the best choices and always has great sales!
  • Food/Meals – this depends on location of course, but the bride pays for nothing no matter what! Select the meals based on her likes/dislikes and always make sure she sits in the middle.
  • Décor – obviously this also depends on the brides taste and can be more cutesy throughout the weekend, but come lingerie shower time you must have at least some penis straws because come on, what is a bachelorette party without penis straws??? Make sure you have a sign that features her, cute balloons, confetti, or some cute tassel streamers.
  • Drinks – always have champagne because you have to be celebrating her at all times! You can never have too many bottles so overbuy! Wine is another great option to have and maybe a few beers to pass the slow moments. I would not recommend having large amounts of liquor at the place your staying at because you can always get it when you go out and sometimes being able to last all night isn’t easy with liquor. Remember it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  • Invite list – the bride will decide this, but the bridal party and close friends are always invited. Make sure to make everyone feel welcome especially if they do not know anyone else but the bride.
  • Rule – the bride pays for nothing! She does not pay for a drink, snack, rooms, travel, nothing!!! Ever! I know its expensive, but everyone should chip in to pay for things not just the MOH.
  • Fun – the most important part of the entire celebration is to have the most fun possible and make the bride feels like she has the best friends in the entire world.


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