Am I next?

I am at that age now where weddings/engagement celebrations are a constant in my life and with that I am always buying dresses, picking out II Embers bracelets, and dancing the night away with my main squeeze. Many of the weddings I have attended happened to be at The Mayo in downtown Tulsa which is an amazing venue that I highly recommend. Lucy, my boyfriend’s mother finally married her now husband after 14 years of dating and it was one of the most joyous celebrations I have even attended in my short life. One of the best parts of the wedding besides seeing the two love birds tie the knot was the hilarious aspect of catching the bouquet. I have always thought that catching the bouquet is a ridiculous part of a wedding along with the dreaded garter toss, I mean what groom really wants to go up the bride’s dress in front of hundreds of people. This bouquet toss was completely informal and only thrown to yours truly. Lucy and I practiced the bouquet toss for pictures before the wedding and you would think I would be fully prepared to catch the gorgeous floral arrangement, yet during the reception I dropped it! I do not know if the three glasses of pinot were the reason or because I was the only person catching the flowers. Regardless, I have the greatest photos ever and who knows maybe I’ll be next….but I did drop it.

What are your thoughts on tossing the bouquet?



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