AHHHH Show me the gemstones!

I told you I would continue to show you all the incredible one of a kind designs for our upcoming party! Each one of these is original, but one specific design I am absolutely obsessed with and I am kind of hoping no one purchases it, so I can keep it myself. Yes, that may be selfish, but look how cute it is!


This is the only bracelet we have that contains black agate beads with a cream-colored strip and I can’t find these beads anywhere to make more! I have been looking everywhere and have come up short every time. What do you think? Should I keep it for myself?


This designs contains two different types of sunstone which has been linked to healing properties including alleviating stress, providing strength, and increasing vitality. This gemstone has also been named “the joyful stone” or “the good luck crystal” and what could be better than that? In addition, this also contains Botswana agate which is called the sunset stone because it retains sunlight and comforts those going through a difficult time. This specific bracelet is all about luck!


Is this not completely original to II Embers? The answer is yes! We usually do not use anything except gemstones is our bracelets, but these flat gold-plated pieces are perfect for a classy look. The gold plated pieces are surrounded by morganite gemstones that have shades of black, deep blue, and grey mixed together to create a unique look.


This last bracelet is beaded with blue striped agate that mixes all shades of blue together and creates a bead that looks like a crystal ocean. As if these beads do not make the bracelet special enough, I added 3 silver sparkling pieces to really catch the eye.


Last but not least, these eccentric earrings that everyone will be wanting are perfect for you! If you want to be stopped by strangers and asked “where did you get those?” then you need these! I only have 3 of the purple and the blue tassels are the only ones available! Get them while you can! I hope that many people will join us on Sunday to see all of these designs and to get the only ones available. Let me know what you think of all these?


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