A Cowboy Win

The Dallas Cowboys! America’s Team! Cowboys! The Boys! A Family Tradition! These are all names that have been circulating in my head since birth. My dad has always been a diehard fan of this team and I have grown up with his screaming and cheering focused on the television when his team is playing a game. Every game matters in the eyes of my father and now I am of the same mindset. Without my knowing I have ended up dating the biggest Cowboys fan known to man, Jack and with good reason! Jack’s father JB has always been a fan and has taught Jack the ways of loving the game of football, but more the love of America’s team. Watching the Cowboys game has now become a tradition and consists of my mom (Christie), Jack, Jack’s dad (JB),my brothers (Trey and Grant), the Hills, and me. Let’s take a pause in the glorious explanation of out Sunday traditions and let me explain my love life/family life really quick. So Christie, my mom, is dating Jack’s dad, JB, and yes some of you make think that is freaking weird and yes Jack and I thought the same way at first, but now we are happy with everything and it has solidified out family bond haha.Also to make things even more close-knit, Christie and JB live across the street from Jack and I and to make things even more intense Jack works with his dad and my mom and I own II Embers together. I know very crazy and hard to explain, but I hope it all makes sense. Now time to get back to this tradition.

Every Cowboys game, Jack, Germ, and I walk across the street to our parent’s house and most of the time the Hills walk down from their house to share in drinks, food, but more importantly The Game! We all surround the back porch TV and root on the boys for every second of the game. Superstition is a major factor in the game and if we win then every single part of the last game has to be repeated for the next game so that the Cowboys win again. According to superstitious rule, for the next game Germ has to wear his Cowboys bandana (even though he wears it every game), I have to wear my old jersey, and we all must sit in the exact same places on the couch. I know this all sounds meticulous but when it comes to the Cowboys no stone can go unturned.

For this game I made homemade tortillas and queso and they were a hit!

Queso: 1/2 lb American white cheese in sandwich slices, 1 tbs butter, 1/2 cup milk, 4 oz can diced chilis, 2 pinch cumin, 2 pinch garlic powder, 1 dash cayenne pepper. Combine the butter, milk, and cheese and slowly melt then add the spices and chilis. Use a double broiler it works best and doesn’t burn the cheese.

Tortillas: 2-3 cups flour, 1 cup melted coconut oil, 1-1 1/2 cups hot water, salt to taste. Add the flour to a large bowl, melt the coconut oil in a measuring cup and mix into the flour. Then slowly add the hot water to the mixture until it no longer sticks to your fingers or the bowl. then take the mixture out of the bowl and roll out on the counter with a rolling pin and slowly add your salt. This recipe is all about feel, so do your best. You can always all more water and/or flour to the mixture to get the right consistency. Once you have the right consistency form the dough into small balls and warm a large pan on medium heat while you start to roll each ball into a flat tortilla. Once you have a flat, thin tortilla place in on the pan and cook until it forms bubbles then flip in and remove quickly after cooked through. The tortillas will not take long to cook. Good luck and remember it will take a couple times to get a feel for making them, but once you do, you will be a master!






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