30A for a week

I just got back from a vacation in Florida with the family I used to nanny, the Jacobs who have three children that have impacted my life dramatically. I love this family like they are a part of me and they will always be in my life. Twin girls, Gwen and Amelia, and Hank “The Doodle” had the most amazing time and it was the ladies first time to be at the beach. I can’t even express to you the amount of energy they were able to sustain but having the right activities was KEY! When going to the beach I imagine relaxing, reading, having a cocktail, yet this is not what I experienced throughout the week. Toddlers are crazy and having identical 2.5 year-old girls along with a crazy 4 year-old requires patience and the ability to find joy in every moment. Making sand castles, taking the kayak out all the way past the second sandbar, and finding seashells were some of the things we did to pass the time. One of the greatest things we did the entire trip was going to The HUB

On another note while I was in Florida for a week I had to try to keep my social media alive for my business. Instagram and Facebook are how I connect to customers and during this week it was extremely difficult to post something every day. While there I found the most adorable little sand dollar and happened to be wearing one of the newest designs I created in the nature collection. You should check them out! I also had the twins wear bracelets any moment they wanted, so I could capture them doing activities while wearing these stylish pieces and trust me it was not easy.  Everyone loves a stylish toddler and I happened to be with two!


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