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Peppermint Bark…the secret ingredient

Christmas time brings amazing treats for everyone to indulge in and peppermint bark is one of those desserts that I am more inclined to crave. I can’t get enough! The first time I ever had a Ghirardelli peppermint square I was instantly obsessed, it quickly become a goal of mine to figure out how to make the same peppermint bark, but at home and at a lesser cost because let me tell you I was going through so many packages! After many attempts and experimentation I finally figured out how to make the best peppermint bark ever!

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Celebrating Christmas

Since Christmas is fast approaching everyone is becoming increasingly busy with parties, dinners, wrapping of gifts, and everything that this magical holiday entails. However we must relax and enjoy this time together because it only comes once a year, so stop and smell the cedar trees.

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DIY Bath Bombs

Relaxing in a nice hot bath with a bath bomb fizzing and releasing refreshing smelling herbs and oils is a great way to calm down and have a night to yourself. Bath bombs are super pricey considering what the ingredients are and how easy these actually are to make! Also, you do not know what sort of chemicals/preservatives are being put in these things to make them stay fresh for so long because homemade bath bombs only stay fresh for about a month, so what is your body absorbing?

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Coconut Oil Coffee

During this time of year the sun doesn’t rise until well into the morning and waking up without the sun is not easy. The one thing I can look forward to is my morning coffee. Within the last 2 years I have become a coffee drinker, but an extremely picky one, so finding the perfect … Continue reading Coconut Oil Coffee

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